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San Jose Landlord Being Sued For Claimed Owner Move-in Eviction

San Jose Landlord Being Sued for Claimed Owner Move-in Eviction

A San Jose landlord is being sued after evicting tenants in 4 different units under the claim of owner move-ins for her and her family members which never happened. She claims her father’s medical problems got in the way. Now the units are being rented out to new tenants at higher rents. The potential damages to the former tenants would far outweigh the increased the rental revenue, highlighting once again the importance of using proper legal counsel before taking any eviction actions.

Read the original article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Penalties and Remedies for Wrongful Eviction (San Jose)

  • $500 fine for first offense / $1,000 for subsequent offenses
  • Appropriate injunctive relief
  • Damages, costs, and attorney’s fees
  • Treble damages for willful non-compliance

See San Jose Municipal Code section 17.23.1280

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