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Edrington and Associates are trusted consultants to property owners on a wide range of projects including condo conversions, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), code enforcement actions, and rent increases—especially in rent and eviction controlled areas. Our extensive history in real estate includes finance, appraisals, brokerage, construction and property management. We help people see different approaches and make informed decisions about their investment properties.


Often called “in-law units” or “granny flats,” we consult clients who are considering such units as well as those who want to legalize or bring a current structure up to code.

Condo Conversions

These conversions require careful planning and a thorough understanding of the laws. We consult clients throughout all stages of the process to ensure success.

Code Enforcement

The process of remedying a notice of violation, notice of correction, or an illegal unit can be challenging. Our experts can help you navigate this process and get you into compliance.

Zoning Issues

Questions about zoning can arise during the transfer of property, when embarking on new construction, or upon receiving a complaint. Our Zoning Specialist is here to help.

Building Permit History

Unpermitted uses, alterations or repairs will slow down any project. Our Permit Technician is at your service to dig up records and provide a thorough report of past work.

Habitability Inspections

Landlords are required to ensure their units meet certain standards for living conditions. We assist clients with inspections and reports to ensure these are met.

Rent Increases

Before you raise the rent, make sure you know the laws! We advise clients on potential rent increases in rent-controlled jurisdictions and assist with the petition process.

Property Valuations

Our extensive experience with appraisals and rental housing gives us deep insight into sales/rent prices. We can evaluate any property for tax, legal, or sale/leasing purposes.

Schedule a call for a free 15-minute strategy session. We’ll give you independent, unbiased advice on the best course of action to take.

DRE #01129470

Jim B.

“Edrington and Associates helped us by convincing the County Assessor to reverse a $126,000 additional assessment that denied our 55+ tax base transfer.  Our base transfer is now valid again, which will help us have a more comfortable retirement.  They outperformed our expectations.”

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