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Why Your Real Estate Expert Witness Should Hold The CPM (Certified Property Manager) Designation

Why Your Real Estate Expert Witness Should Hold the CPM (Certified Property Manager) Designation

When issues arise between landlords and tenants, settling a dispute can be tricky. If handled incorrectly, it can also prove extremely costly for the property owner. Rather than go it alone, at Edrington and Associates we suggest seeking consultation with a Certified Property Manager (CPM) to advise on any real estate problems you encounter. Here’s a look at how testimony from a CPM Property Management expert can ensure the best results for your case.

What Exactly is a CPM?

A CPM is an internationally recognized certification issued by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). It is the world’s premiere certification in the field of property management. It signals that the holder has invested considerable time in learning the deeper ins and outs of property management. In order to obtain a CPM certification, candidates must complete a rigorous course of study that comprises 8 course modules over 12-18 months of study. Candidates must then pass the CPM Capstone certification exam to officially complete the course.

A CPM Expert Witness Lends Credibility to Your Case

A CPM certification signals to the court that your expert witness holds a high degree of knowledge in an extensive list of real estate issues. The CPM program covers topics such as management ethics, maintenance operations and asset analysis, among many others. The courses stress an emphasis on real world issues, and not just text book learning. As the result of their specialized education, a CPM holder will possess a high level knowledge of real estate management that can sway a judge or jury’s opinion in your favor.

CPM Holders Have Experience

CPM holders also possess a wealth of experience in a wide variety of real estate issues, managing many different property types. From residential homes to commercial real estate, you can draw on their years of experience to advise your case. When it comes to property management, there’s likely nothing a CPM hasn’t seen before. At minimum, a CPM candidate must possess at least 36 months of professional real estate experience before they can graduate from the program. On top of that, more than half of all CPMs hold high level management positions, making their experience a potent tool in your arsenal.

The Bottom Line

When your day in court is at hand, witness testimony from a CPM property management expert can give your case a significant advantage. At Edrington and Associates, our consultant holds a CPM along with a variety of other real estate certifications. With decades of experience in real estate, our extensive history allows us to help clients see different approaches and make informed decisions about their real estate issues. When you need a CPM on your side, Edrington and Associates are at your call.


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