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How An Oakland ADU Can Help Address California’s Housing “Conundrum.”

How an Oakland ADU Can Help Address California’s Housing “Conundrum.”

“Conundrum” is a term Apple News, referring to a September 18 article in the Los Angeles Times, used to describe the state’s housing situation. That’s a pretty accurate description, especially in California. But what many real estate investors still don’t fully understand is that the state continues to make it easier to build or convert accessory dwelling units (or ADUs) to contribute to solving the conundrum.

With Us, You Will Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

As a matter of fact, adding an accessory dwelling unit in Oakland may prove to be one of the most effective and fastest ways in which to increase revenues for multi-family property owners. This, when done legally and responsibly, with an experienced ADU provider, turns into a win-win situation for both property owners and Oakland’s affordable housing initiatives.

Exploring Oakland’s Housing Options From an ADU Standpoint

Exploring Oakland’s Housing Options From an ADU Standpoint

The first thing any property owner who’s considering adding an ADU (or more) needs to do is understand general Oakland ADU requirements..  This is still complicated, if not daunting. Even when you have done massive amounts of research on your own, there are still obstacles and requirements that you won’t be able to foresee.  The internet can provide only so much information. Relying on your own research when the planning and building code is vast is risky. Even professionals that deal with local jurisdictions everyday struggle to understand some of these requirements.  

Sometimes different Building Officials see and interpret codes differently. That’s why property owners and real estate investors should strongly consider working with an ADU specialist, such as Edrington & Associates’ ADU design and build firm, Adapt Dwellings and conduct a feasibility study first.  

‘A-KRA-SAI’ – Acting against our better judgment

We recently were contacted by a property owner who built an ADU behind his main dwelling, but he did not complete a feasibility study, nor did he use an architect that understands the various obstacles and requirements around ADUs. When the ADU was completed, and the field inspection was completed by the local jurisdiction, they would not sign off on the final permit because he did not have proper egress from the ADU to the street. The owner assumed that the local jurisdiction would have communicated all requirements and pointed out any issues with his project when they did their initial review and approved his plans.

Now he is stuck with a completed ADU that is not permitted because of egress issues that will be difficult to overcome this late in the process. He may decide to stop and just keep the unit “as is” and try his luck, but this puts him in a very precarious position. Many insurance companies will not cover illegal units, he will risk pricey lawsuits if he rents it out, and the value of the property as whole will be much lower with an unpermitted unit.  This could have easily been caught up front with an experienced ADU specialist performing a comprehensive feasibility study. Doing it right the first time is usually a much more affordable option.

California-based Edrington & Associates and Adapt Dwellings know California real estate inside and out. Adapt Dwellings is California’s full-service multi-family ADU resource. Together, this dynamic duo has the knowledge, the depth and breadth of experience, and the integrity to consistently do things the right way.

The Value of a Great Architect Cannot Be Underestimated.

The Value of a Great Architect Cannot Be Underestimated.

Every Oakland ADU requires a review by the City’s Planning and Building Departments, and an application must be submitted with a complete set of plans…plans that need to get approved in order for your project to move forward. City of Oakland building permits can add up to thousands of dollars representing a good chunk of the overall project costs, so it pays to plan ahead.

Gracie-O-Rourke-ArchitectAt Adapt Dwellings, we don’t roll the dice on business decisions for our clients, so each of our Oakland ADU projects begins with a comprehensive Adapt Feasibility Study that results in a realistic assessment of what’s possible and at what cost. An accessory dwelling unit in Oakland becomes a reality much more easily when a professional architect is involved from the beginning. We have a California state-licensed architect on staff and at the ready to take the results of the feasibility study and run with them.

Creating a set of plans with precise drawings illustrating the highest level of accuracy going into a project is just one of many benefits a really good architect like Adapt Dwellings will deliver. We can do this because we are far more than an excellent designer. We also possess an intimate knowledge of multi-family ADU building code, zoning laws, and all that is necessary to meet the requirement of Oakland building permits with a full set of accurate plans. 

Our Architect designs accordingly, anticipating any potential problems before they occur. Our clients are therefore provided the most accurate pricing, limiting surprises. It also means that designs get approved, and your projects get completed the right way the first time with minimum plan check comments.

The Adapt Dwellings’ pride of ownership and accountability are exhibited throughout every aspect of every Oakland ADU project. Because Adapt Dwellings holds a Class B General Contractor License (CSLB #1098831), we can both design and build your ADUs. We take the middlemen and women out of the process, so the process is streamlined. There is continuity with the resources involved, including our team.

The Most Important Oakland ADU Rules: 

1) Don’t Leave Money on the Table. 

2) Work With an ADU Resource That Knows How to Do Things Right .

The Most Important Oakland ADU Rules

Under the leadership of President and Founder of Edrington & Associates, Steve Edrington, Adapt Dwellings has legally and successfully designed numerous Oakland ADUs. Our cross-functional, full-service team of professionals will provide expert guidance every step of the way. This holds true from design, to Oakland city permits and regulations, to accurately estimated costs so that your ADU project has the most likelihood of generating a positive return on investment (ROI).  

When you have a combination like Edrington & Associates and Adapt Dwellings by your side, building an Oakland ADU doesn’t have to be overly complicated…and it can be very lucrative.

Let’s get started!

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