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Accessory Dwelling Units

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (or ADU) is a unit that may be added to your single-family or multi-family lot, allowing tenants to live in a separate dwelling. This may be an existing building (like a garage), a new building, or in a portion of your single-family home converted into a separate living unit (called a Junior ADU).

To help ease the approval and construction of your ADU, we will research your property files and provide a customized report detailing the requirements for a successful project.

A property inspection will be performed to provide you with:

Viability of an ADU or Junior ADU on your property
Determine if your existing utilities will support the addition of an ADU
Determine what upgrades may be required to bring your potential new unit up to code
Information on bringing an existing, unpermitted unit up to code
ADU Inspection Service
$2,495 special
  • Zoning check
  • Building records check
  • Site inspection
  • Report

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